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Georgia License Number - 407973

Special Designations

Buyers Agent, Renters Agent, Broker Price Opinion Specialist (BPO)


More About Me

There is certain respect to be held in meeting expectations, but inspiration comes from exceeding those expectations. Ambition and a go-getter attitude are key to any success, and this is what pushed me to graduate high school two years early, lose over fifty pounds, and earn my real estate license, all before the age of nineteen.

I have always worked efficiently to stay ahead in the pursuit of happiness from a young age, and that kind of thinking, obedience, and drive will be turned towards you. I will use my knowledge, time management skills, and positive mindset to assist you in YOUR best interests ALWAYS.

I grew up in a Military family of six and we moved all over the country, from the urban jungles of Jersey to the rural ranches of Texas. I am seasoned in understanding the “behind the scenes” of moving. These are the unavoidable personal duties that come with real estate transactions that are up to you to do. Therefore, I will take every action I can that is within my control to assist you with your real estate experience. Your real estate experience should be as stress-free as possible from start to finish. You are in charge. Therefore, I will consider you whilst performing my duties throughout the whole process. I will do everything in my power to help you reach success in all your Real Estate endeavors.


Samantha Coulter RE License 121819
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